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How to find the best sealant?
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How to find the best sealant?

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How to find the best sealant?

There are a wide range of sealant, and how can you find the best one?

When you choose silicone sealant, you must firstly define the answer: where are we going to use?

If you use the sealant indoor(living room, bathroom, kitchen and so on), Xingminghe 995A will be the best choice. It is MS sealant which is environmental friendly and almost without bad smell.

If you use the sealant on windows and doors, we will suggest you use Xingminghe 995 which is with good weather resistance and waterproof.

If you use the sealant on curtain walls, Xinminghe 6600 has good adhesive strength which can bear the weight of the material.

If you use the sealant on wood veneer, we also have a kind of sealant special for the bonding of Bamboo wood fiber board, density board, gypsum bonding of board, wood veneer, UV board, ect.

If you need to seal or bond auto windshields. Qinghe 571,571A can meet your requirement. The Polyurethane sealant which has excellent bonding performance and is primer-less.

If you still do not know how to choose the suitable sealant, please contact us! We will give you the suggestion.

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