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Xinminghe 6600 Silicone Weatherproof Caulk Sealant Adhesive For Curtain Wall Sausage Package
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Xinminghe 6600 Silicone Weatherproof Caulk Sealant Adhesive For Curtain Wall Sausage Package

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  • Xinminghe 6600

  • Black,White,Grey, Custom


Product Features:

1. The Product is high grade single component oxime neutral silicone sealant which is curing under the room temperature.

2. It is with excellent weather resistance and long service life. Ultraviolet light, ozone, rain, hail and extreme high and low temperature (-50 °C to + 100 °C) will not affect it.

3. The product is with good adhesion, and do not need primer. After curing, it can produce strong adhesion to most building materials.

4. It is with excellent tensile and compression performance. The cured sealant maintains good elasticity between -50°C and +100 °C without hardening or brittle cracking.


1. Non-structural lap or butt sealing of glass curtain wall.

2. Aluminum curtain wall joint seal.

3. Concrete, brick, ceramic, plastic and metal plate joint sealing.

4. Many other uses.

Construction Methods:

1. Clean the interface and keep it dry by toluene or acetone and other solvents.

2. Before using the product, please test the adhesion/compatibility of the contact material firstly. Carry out construction after confirming that it is qualified.

3. Attach masking tape to the surface of adjacent parts which need to be sealing.  

4. Immediately trim and smooth the edges after sizing before the glue is cured, and then remove the masking tape immediately.

Quality Guarantee:

The company guarantees that the products strictly comply with the national GB/T14683- 2017 25HM standard, and all indicators can meet the standard requirements.

Safety Instructions:

1. Please use this product in a well-ventilated environment.

2. Keep the product out of reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion.

3. The uncured sealant to avoid long-term contact with the skin. If accidentally exposed to the eyes by the uncured sealant, should use a lot of water to wash timely and seek medical attention.

4. Before use, please read the product and material factory safety information for detailed use and health and safety instructions.

Storage and Transportation:

1. It shall be stored under the storage condition of 27℃ and relative humidity below 50%, and the storage period shall be 9 months from the production date.

2. This product belongs to non-dangerous goods and shall be transported as non-dangerous goods.


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