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How to choose home decoration sealant?
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How to choose home decoration sealant?

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High quality home decoration sealant, depend on:

  1. Quality guarantee.

    Brand sealant will indicate the product name, factory name, specifications, origin, color, quality certificate and warranty on the package.

    And inferior sealant info is not complete, smell bad, after the use of many quality problems, the loss may be far more than the price of sealant itself.

  2. Mildew proof. Mold and other bacteria can affect the appearance.

    Mold on the surface of sealant will be exposed to familys, and disperse into the air, causing diseases, etc.

    Therefore, in the home decoration, in the bathroom, kitchen and other humid places, we need to choose good quality mildew sealant, and cleaning and disinfection of the surface regularly.

  3. Waterproof. Waterproofing of the kitchen and bathroom is essential.

    Waterproofing will directly affect the lifespan of sealant. The sealant used in kitchen and bathroom often expose to water, so it is required to have good water resistance.

We recommend 995A silicone sealant, which is mildew proof and environmental protection, waterproof performance and guaranteed quality. Welcome to contact us!

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