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A list of these adhesive sealant articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional adhesive sealant, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Roof And Gutter Sealant
    Roof And Gutter Sealant
    The main purpose of guttering is to channel rainwater away from the home and prevent it from damaging the foundation or seeping into the basement. However, the gutters themselves are subject to all kinds of harsh conditions, which, combined with aging, could inevitably cause them to leak.We recommen
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  • What is the difference between water-based sealant and oil-based sealant?
    What is the difference between water-based sealant and oil-based sealant?
    Firstly, they have different solvents, the main solvent of water-based sealant is water, and acrylic. However, the main solvent of oil-based sealant is toluene and acrylic. Secondly, the environmental performance of oil-based sealant is more prominent than the water-based sealant, because they used
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  • The features of curtain wall structural adhesive
    The features of curtain wall structural adhesive
    Xinminghe 6600 is a single component, ketoxime type, room temperature curing ,senior curtain wall silicone weather resistant structural adhesive, which is easy to use. It has good adhesion and strong adhesion to most building materials after curing. And does not need primer.It is can be used for no
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  • How to choose home decoration sealant?
    How to choose home decoration sealant?
    High quality home decoration sealant, depend on:Quality guarantee.Brand sealant will indicate the product name, factory name, specifications, origin, color, quality certificate and warranty on the package.And inferior sealant info is not complete, smell bad, after the use of many quality problems, t
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